ENGLISH : Where the Wild Things Are


Where The Wild Things are is a festival located at a beautiful bungalow park, which is about 30 minutes away from Utrecht/Amsterdam. The festival takes place over 3 days and all attendees must book a bungalow, prices varying from €159 to €229 per person, in order to attend the festival. With its 600 bungalows, apartments and houseboats, varying from 2-12 people, the festival is the first of its kind in the Netherlands where visitors can enjoy a weekend full of high-quality alternative and electronic music in an intimate setting and the comfort of sleeping in a bungalow. Along with top (international) music acts, WTWTA also offers an accompanying film and literature programme. Taking advantage of the location, the grounds serve as a place for relaxation and fun for a weekend with friends, games, restaurants, bowling, a water park and activities such as Lucy’s Wijsje, a musical exploration through the woods of ‘De Eemhof’.

You can order tickets from abroad at www.ticketmaster.nl or by telephone: 0031 88 123 24 25 (only available when you live abroad). Make sure you have a valid credit card for the purchase.